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Rob Francis
26-Apr-2017 3:33am

WHILE no records were broken, steady demand for the 170 cattle penned by the three agents at Manjimup recently gave a similar result to the last sale at the venue.

The quality varied throughout the offering, with the most consistent and better cattle in processing cows, while beef steers and heifers that were in lesser number, also had some better types.

Beef steers sold to a top of $1377 and 368 cents a kilogram and beef heifers again held their own when reaching $1352, but made an extra two cents a kilogram at 370c/kg.

The better end of the cow market saw a high of $1489 and 214c/kg, while heavy bulls topped at $2077 and 298c/kg for yearling types.

Elders had several Friesian steers on offer and these reached $1403 and 262c/kg.

Primaries had first rank and started with a pen of five yearling Simmental steers from Quantocks Grange, Bridgetown, with these at the better end of the quality scale.

These sold to Westcoast Livestock for $1377 and 318c/kg.

Two thick Charolais steers from RA Musulin, Manjimup, weighed 347kg and also went to Westcoast Livestock at 246c/kg to return $1202.

Greg Jones was the dominant bidder on behalf of several clients, first paying $997 for three Lincoln Red steers weighing 285 kilogram from Osterly Farming Co, Boyup Brook, that sold at 350c/kg.

A single Charolais from the Musulin offering joined these on the truck for Paradise Beef at $968 and 352c/kg.

Quantock Grange sold a Simmental heifer weighing 405kg for the top of $1288 when Westcoast Livestock bid to 318ckg.

Five Lincoln Red heifers weighed 271kg and went to Paradise Beef at 356c/kg to cost $965.

The Hettner family sold Murray Grey bulls with the heavier types going to Elders Capel representative Rob Gibbings, and weighing 288kg, they returned $858 when knocked down at 298c/kg.

Five Angus cows from AJ & WJ Ryan went to Western Meat Packers (WMP) with the 723kg cows making $1489 at 206c/kg.

A Simmental bull also went to WMP, selling at 198c/kg and $2020.

Landmark saw five Murray Grey heifers make $1352 when bought for Johnson Meats at 256c/kg, early in its section, sold by P & R Rosenthal, while three Angus heifers averaging 278kg from CW Waters, Bridgetown, topped at 370c/kg to cost JD Phillips, $1030.

Three steers from CW Waters sold to Browns Logging with the 290kg steers selling for $1050 and 362c/kg.

Regular vendors DP Scherini, Bridgetown, sold six Angus steers averaging 370kg for $1288 to Westcoast Livestock.

VA & AJ Blechynden sold a Hereford cow for $1377 to Harvey Beef followed by their Lincoln Red bull weighing 1105kg that was bought by Mr Jones at 188c/kg to return $2077, the top of all bulls at the sale.

Elders started with a run of Friesian steers, with the first one offered weighing 610kg selling to Harvey Beef for $1403 at 230c/kg.

Another with some Jersey content that was bought by Mr Jones for Johnson Meats made $1099 when the 555kg steers sold at 198c/kg.

Karri Hills Pty Ltd sold two Friesian steers weighing 482kg for $1013 when Select Selling Services placed the last bid of 210c/kg.

This buyer later paid $1265 for a single grey heifer weighing 550kg sold by BJ Morris.

Two classy Hereford cross heifers from AN & G Palermo weighed 367kg and sold to PJ Wright, Bridgetown, for $1212 at 330c/kg, to be one of the better pens of young cattle.

A Hereford bull weighing 895kg from EJ Moltoni, Pemberton, went to WMP at 198c/kg to return $1772.


ELDERS Manjimup representative Cameron Harris said it was a mixed quality yarding and prices reflected this variation.

"There was a good number of cows penned and these sold well to the trade," Mr Harris said.

"Bulls sold to equal values of recent sales."

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