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24-Aug-2017 10:56pm

ONE of the largest farm consultancy practices in Australia, Farmanco, has declared the Dohne breed to be well suited to mixed farming systems.

“I am impressed by Dohnes,” said Farmanco chairman Rob Sands.

“The great thing about Dohnes is they’ve got the right breeding objectives and they are completely measurable.

“We collect detailed information from Dohne flocks across various clients and we can monitor, compare and benchmark them against other breeds in our data set.

“The results for Dohnes come through in that we are seeing solid returns out of meat and about the same from wool but with lower production costs.

“When you put everything together a better gross margin is achieved and that is what it’s all about.”

Mr Sands was quick to dispel the myth about Dohnes cutting less wool and pointed out that in reality there is more variation within a breed than between breeds.

“Clients are happy with our wool cut and see the dollars in the extra number of lambs that Dohne ewes wean,” Mr Sands said.

Farmanco consults to about 750 clients and sheep play a significant role with numbers sitting about 1.2 million head.

“Most of our clients have mixed farming enterprises,” Mr Sands said.

“Through rotational crop programs and utilising pastures, many have seen their profits increase by integrating Dohnes into their operations.

“Dohnes utilise the advancements in genetics coupled with the right breeding objectives and objective measurements.

“Cropping provides the larger return in mixed farming operations, but the reality is that Dohnes across the range of Farmanco clients contribute to a sheep operation which is easy to manage, is not complicated, but still drives profitability into their businesses.”

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