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Value for money at Royalla Shorthorns

The LandReported by:
Daniel Pedersen

Peter Francis, "Gobothery", Forbes, one of Royalla's principals, Nick Job, and Chris Francis, Forbes, with Royalla Sera Sera L289. The Francis brothers said Royalla's offering was a credit to the Job family in a tough season.

CONSENSUS had it at the end of Royalla Shorthorns “Top of the Grid” stud bull sale that the top prices paid probably should have been greater and would have been but for the inherent uncertainty of this season.

Buyers, from as far afield as Rockhampton and Blackwater, Queensland, and King Island in the middle of Bass Strait, walked away knowing they had value for money.

The offering of 46 bulls topped at $11,000 on Friday, September 1, and was cleared in its entirety at an average of $6209.

Lloyd Jones, “Eulomo”, Bethungra, picked up Royalla Serengeit L338, weighing 872 kilograms, the first son of the Jobs’ $36,000 Sprys Junction to be offered by the stud, for $11,000. Mr Jones said he was happy with his purchases, reckoning Royalla Serengeit L338 was as good as any of the four bulls he bought, singling out his demeanour as a standout attribute. Brothers Chris and Peter Francis, “Gobothery”, Forbes, bought lots 11 and 13, Royalla Sera Sera L289 ($8000) and Royalla Spank L320 ($10,000) respectively. 

Chris said they had bought about half a dozen Royalla bulls in the past 10 years and their performance kept them returning to the Yeoval stud. 

Northern NSW beef producers, the Vickery family, also bought five bulls at $5000 each.

In opening the sale Sue Job summed up the bulls’ condition as “it’s not a great year, what you see is what you get, they’ve done it themselves in the paddock”. 

Before the sale, Neilson Job said the 3000-hectare home property, much of it granite hill country, kept the bulls honest and fit. Elders auctioneer, Andy McGeoch, pointed to page 29 of the catalogue if potential buyers needed any convincing of the merits of their travels. He said there lay evidence of the integrity of the Job’s breeding program. Laid out on that page was the performance data of a three-quarter Royalla Shorthorn, one-quarter Santa Getrudis steer that had gained 3.02 kilograms daily on average in the NSW Beef Spectacular 2017 feedback trial. It was the highest point-scoring steer of 400 entries for combined feedlot performance and carcase.

Testimony to Royalla stock’s performance, the Job family’s grassfed cattle have performed well commercially this year, topping the grid with JBS in July and Woolworths in May and recording the best performing steer at Teys Jindalee Trial.

The Jobs said that while it was not always possible to sell cattle over the hooks certified grassfed, the premium for being top of the grid and grassfed made it well worthwhile.

After the sale Hamish Mitchell, “Carlowrie”, Kingstown, Qld, who said he’d travelled about 1000km in the past week checking out sales, said the offering was as good as any he’d seen.


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