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Appreciation shown for Callowie lineup

HOT LOTS: The $3000 and $3500 top Callowie rams with Westech Ag Kyle Livestock’s Stuart Kyle and buyers Ricky Miles and Ben Dunstall, Cove Station, Vic, Angus Halliday, auctioneer Richard Miller, and Thomas, Jacquie and Richard Halliday.


                 2017     2016

Offered  49          42

Sold        43          26

Top          $3500   $1700

Av            $1195    $942

THE Halliday family were rewarded for sticking to their breeding objectives of constitution, conformation, covering, carcase and consistency during their annual on-property Callowie Poll Merino ram sale at Bordertown on Monday.

Principals Richard and Jacquie Halliday and family sold 43 of 49 rams offered to $3500, averaging $1195. 

This was a 27 per cent lift in average, a 26pc lift in clearance and a top price of more than double last year’s sale.

Bruce Bridgart, Wynarka, kicked off the sale with an opening and winning $2000 bid on ram C142. He also bought lot 43 – C24 – at $1200. 

Long-term Callowie clients Ricky Miles and Ben Dunstall, Cove Station, Dinyarrak, Vic, were again the biggest volume buyers with nine rams averaging $1789. 

Buying through Stuart Kyle, Westech Ag Kyle Livestock, their purchases included the two highest price rams at $3500 and $3000.

The consistency aspect included in the Callowie mission statement was supported by the fact the top price was paid for lot 47 – just four from the end of the offering. 

Despite its position in the sale, Callowie tag 6 was positive (6) for clean fleece weight and eye muscle, while slightly negative for fat. It also had 19.9 micron, long-stapled wool with 99.5 per cent comfort factor. 

Another loyal client Keith Nutt, Orroroo, was the underbidder on the ram. He was able to outlast the competition on four other rams, bidding to $2400 and averaging $1550.

Pitlochry Station, Kingston SE, represented by principal Rex Anderson and his manager Robert Giles, was another strong buying account with eight rams to $1400, averaging $925.

There were still plenty of value rams, with 18 selling for $800 or less. 

Steve West, Stawell, Vic, bought six, averaging $683; CJ&DG MacKereth, Kingston SE, bought five averaging $740; KD&AM Dinning, Mundulla, bought four averaging $725; and MA Hannaford, Apsley, Vic, bought three averaging $1267.

Landmark Bordertown conducted the sale, with Richard Miller as auctioneer.

Mr Miller said the depth of quality in the catalogue was outstanding. 

“We are paid by the kilogram and these rams displayed both vital ingredients of wool cut and carcase in spades,” he said.

The MerinoSelect figures supported this with eye muscle breeding values all positive, except for one ram, and were up to 2.

They also had the ideal fat cover range to indicate both carcase quality and natural doing ability, while all but one was positive for yearling clean fleece weight. 

A pleased Richard Halliday said they were shearing every eight months and while conceding, “this is not for everyone”, he highlighted lamb raising ewe figures that saw them receive a return of $2 a week/ewe across the year from such animals under this policy. 

                                 – IAN TURNER


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