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Stud Profile

Acton / Lambert Herefords,

Charleville, QLD
Contact Details:
Scott Bredhauer
Acton / Lambert Herefords
Charleville QLD 4470
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Stud Description

Lambert Herefords 

Poll Hereford females came from the Devon Court dispersal and the first sire was Dalkeith Charles, with successive females coming from Wahroonga, Woodlands, Merawah and Amor. Additional sires came from Wahroonga Bobanken, Kenya, Bowen, Allendale, Days, Tycolah, Oldfield, Grassy Mountain, Kerlson Pines and Eathorpe Studs. Most recent purchases have come from Kenevel Stud.

Our family is dedicated to and passionate about breeding Herefords. We believe that Herefords are an excellent asset to any breeding program due to their fertility, temperament, softness, weight gain and greater return. Bred in western Queensland, these bulls are suited to our environment and ready to work.

What People say about us

“You can’t beat Lambert bulls for temperament, doing ability and work rate. Lambert bulls have stood the test of time in our operation. They are bred in the west to perform in all environments, therefore they are already acclimatised to our conditions. We have been buying Lambert Hereford bulls for over 25 years.







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