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Stud Profile

Merlin Dorpers,

Attunga, NSW
Contact Details:
Terry & Karen Balla
Merlin Dorpers
Shorters Lane
Attunga NSW 2345
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Stud Description

Merlin Dorpers are relatively new to the sheep scene, we were initially looking for a low maintenance highly productive meat producing animal, the Dorper met or exceeded all our requirements. In 2007 we commenced operations with the stud ram Kaya “Big Al” (An exceptional ram whose progeny has been used by studs to improve their flocks) and some Winrae ewes. We quickly felt we were on the right track and decided to grow our breeding stock and introduce new blood lines. 
Merlin Dorpers stud is on 1800 acres at ‘Merlin’ Attunga NSW (28km north-west of Tamworth in Northern NSW). We currently run a flock of stud as well as a commercial dorpers with over 2000 commercial ewes.
Our achievements include:
  • 1st showing at the Royal Easter Show in 2010- Reserve Grand Champion Ewe.
  • Dubbo Eastern Region Show 2010- Reserved Grand Champion Ewe and Reserve Grand Champion Ewe Lamb.
  • 2011 Easter Show- Grand Champion Ewe and 1st in Objective Measurement class
  • Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013- Grand Champion Ram and 1st in Objective Measurement class
  • Reserve Grand Champion Dorper Ewe 2015 Sydney Royal
The Dorper developed from Persian and Dorset ewes. A South African breed, well suited to Australian conditions. Key attributes include:
  • Robust and Resilient
  • Good mothering instincts
  • Low maintenance (no crutching)
  • Self shedding (little or no shearing)
  • High percentage of twins when joined on good nutrition
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