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Stud Profile

Arjaym Herefords,

Llangothlin, NSW
Contact Details:
Richard, Hilary & Lucy Mackenzie
Arjaym Herefords
260 Glenshiel Rd
Llangothlin NSW 2365
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Stud Description

History,  Background & where we are heading

The Mackenzie family has been proudly breeding Hereford cattle since the late 1960’s. With founder Richard & Hilary Mackenzie establishing “ARJAYM” Herefords in 1973.

Females were initially purchased from many leading studs including Widgiewa, Ardno, St Gabriels, K-Tem Park, Injimira, Glendan, The Camp, Koolomurt, Ken Palmer, Anchor & several others.

Sale batteries were initially purchased through St Gabriels, Injimira, Gorian, Mi-Von and in the early 1980’s part Australasian Semen rights to Canadian bulls Justamere Brigadier & Justamere Mainline. A ¼ semen share rights in another brilliant sire namely ML Diplomat 85R had a massive impact on our herd also. However, our most exiting and impressive progeny back in the mid to late 1980’s came from the Australasian marketing rights for L1 Challanger that we gained, along with several other studs in the early 1980’s.

At Arjaym we are producers of Stud and Commercial Hereford cattle for domestic and export markets. Breeding bases in Gippsland VIC, with the main breeding base at Tarwin Lower VIC and the finishing and heifer grow out operation at the Walkerville property over looking Bass Straight.  Lines of Stud Bulls are located at ‘Seaforth’, Llangothlin, NSW under the management of Herb & Lucy Mackenzie.

Herb and Lucy Mackenzie from the New England region of New South Wales are run a mixed farming operation on the 4th generation family farm at ‘Seaforth’, at Llangothlin just out of Guyra.  450 head self-replacing herds of stud and commercial Angus breeders are run across 1012 hectares, along with trade cattle and trade and second-cross lamb production.  Hereford bulls have been based here for accessibility into Northern Markets.

Seventy Hereford Stud Breeders were re-located from their southern Arjaym base to ‘Seaforth’ in April of 2013 with the aim to grow our Breeding base from ‘Seaforth’.  Unfortunately these females were forced to return back to Tarwin Lower, VIC in early January 2014 due to the severity of the drought. The line up of bulls in this catalogue obviously stayed, however, other sale bulls returned to VIC along with the breeders and their calves at foot.  However, the most elite of the Bull “J” (Spring 2013) calves were early weaned and being held onto at ‘Seaforth’ for our 2015 Line up of Bulls on offer.   Arjaym Southern Properties are strictly Beef Only in the Johne’s Classification Status.

Arjaym Herefords has been performance recording strictly now with Breedplan many years.  All Hereford bulls on offer are registered stud bulls and have Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s).

 Our breeding focus is producing sound, fertile, quiet, average bwt, easy care Hereford cattle with superior growth & high yielding carcases that allows commercial cattlemen to meet market specifications in the shortest time frame sustainably & naturally.  We want to have a herd that continues to boast and produce superior quality animals that have the ability to fit into many markets.  

Looking towards the future we want to infuse Poll Herefords without loosing out on overall

Hereford performance.


We will never lose our commercial focus in regard to breeding however, we want to take the next step in being able to breed more superior stock that are continuing to meet and go above market expectations for both commercial and seedstock producers. We as operators have such a short time to be able to make or break a herd – poor, unfavourable or good or great decisions can affect you and your breeders for many, many years.  Being able to make sensible, financially viable and suitably targeted breeding decisions is paramount.  Whilst, being able to utilise and maximise the technology that is now available to assist farmers in being able to make better breeding decisions has never been better.  It is essential that we as producers plan to utilise this technology to benefit us as much as we can to continue to take our herd forward into the future.


ARJAYM Herefords have been performance recording growth and carcase traits for many years now with all stud and commercial stock having Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s).   Annually 320 - 340 females from stud and commercial herds are joined across properties. Females are joined at 12-15 months of age annually.

At ARJAYM Herefords we are continuing to source out genetics that represent where we want to be going.  We want each female to be as productive and profitable as possible.  We are able to continue raising the bar in terms of making more per cow joined through the use of EBV’s to assist us in making the best genetic decisions along with visual appraisal and selection, manual recording and historic records with good sound nutrition are what we are about.

Sires over recent years have been purchased from leading Herefords Studs in VIC, NSW & OS Semen. Including Banemore Herefords, Ironbark, Centennial, YavenVale, Yarram Park & Wirruna in AUS and Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch & Wild Bear Herefords, Canada & Holden Herefords in Montana, USA.

We secured Polled Wirruna Favourite F135 (to the right) at the March 2013 Wirruna Sale for $10,250.  A Koanui Rocket 0219 son who boasts carcase, amazing calving ease, pigment, very sound structure and excellent scrotal.  This bull has also been included in the Hereford Sire Benchmarking Program.  Along with this, ‘Favourite’ boasts scrotal EBV & Milk in the top 1% of the breed, Top 1% breed also for Supermarket & Grass Fed Steer $ Indexes.

Another very exiting Arjaym edition new was the purchase of Yavenvale Ferrari F254 (to the left) in Feb 2012.  Whilst he is a scurred bull we have had half of the calves dropped last spring being polled.  The calves are absolute power houses.  He will prove to be a very profitable investment.  Sired by Valma Merchant (P), F254 sits in, but more so sits higher than the top 1% of the breed across all growth EBV’s and his Index $ Values are through the roof.

We know too well the importance of not only accurate performance recording but the ability to measure and compare animals against each other to make sustainable, accurate and profitable breeding decisions. All stud and commercial breeders are run together  in order to maximise contemporary group sizes, as one measure to obtain the most accurate results from performance data submitted into the Breedplan Analysis.  We are also keen to be receiving more carcase feedback data at slaughter of Heifer and steers to put this back into the Breedplan analysis to obtain more accurate carcase information on our stock and improve accuracies.

All stock run across farms are run in large mob sizes, under high stocking rates, without grain supplementation.  Our productivity parameters are focused on per hectare returns rather that exclusive treatment of elite stud stock in smaller “exclusive” groups.  Our commercial focus ensures that under performing cattle that are unfertile and cannot cope with the strictly run commercially run operations are weeded out of our program. 


“You can have the best nutrition and genetics in the world, but if you lose focus and do not act on the implications related to poor structure, and fail to visually appraise your cattle, you have nothing”


Here at ARJAYM Herefords we are strict when it comes to the structure of our cattle. 

Artificial insemination is heavily practiced across ARJAYM operations in order to maximise a greater genetic impact on the herd in a shorter time frame.  One of the newest and exiting sires used in our 2013 AI program is the $102,000 HH Advance 1098Y (above right). He is a long, smooth, highly muscled bull, with outstanding calving ease, high growth and maternal strength to match. We eagerly await his calves to drop this coming spring and offer these to you in 2016!

In 2015 we will have another line up of 10 Polled & Horned Bull on offer, which are already on site here at ’Seaforth’.

 In other new developments over the 12 months has seen our joining the social media revolution with our own Face book page called Arjaym Herefords.  You will find all the events, photos, new info, etc here in regards to Arjaym Herefords – so please go and have a look and follow us to keep up to date!


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Beautiful and sound line of 40 - 42 quality Commercial Hereford Cows for sale. Mixed Age - average age 5 yrs. All from stud stocks. Bloodline established in 1973. Arjaym Herefords are extremely focused on easy calving, sound, good temperament, fertile, carcase driven, faster finishing cattle....
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