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Stud Profile

Annalara White Dorpers,

Dubbo, NSW
Contact Details:
Steve Cresswell
Annalara White Dorpers
PO Box 6134
Dubbo NSW 2830
Website: http://http:/
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Stud Description

Annalara White Dorper Stud was founded in late 1998 by Steve Cresswell and two sons Matt and Jack. Together they owned and managed Annalara, a 24,000 hectare sheep property near Wilcannia in Western New South Wales and today are operating out of Dungary, a 2000ha property near Dubbo in NSW Australia. Both properties are broad acre grazing enterprises that require quality sheep to survive the often harsh conditions of Australia's western NSW.

Annalara the 24,000 hectare (60,000 acres) property is located between Wilcannia and Tilpa on the banks of the Darling River in a semi arid area with an average yearly rainfall of 250mm (10 inches). This property comprises one third Darling River Floodplains of black soils timbered with box and gum with all natural grasses and herbages. The remaining two thirds are red sandy loam and clay soils timbered with leopard wood, belah, mulga, cabbagebush with a large portion of mainly edible woody weeds and all-natural grasses and herbages.

Annalara White Dorper Stud is based at Dungary, the 2,000 hectare (5,000 acre) property is situated 15 kilometres southwest of Dubbo in Central West N.S.W. The property consists of mainly improved pastures on red sand loam soils. The Annalara White Dorper Stud is based at Dungary, which is in a more central location and a higher annual rainfall area of 600mm.

Annalara Stud

"Our policy at all times is to deliver quality genetics to breeders backed up by the best after sales service in the industry."

Annalara White Dorper Stud was founded by the need to find sheep breeds that would be suited to our area and conditions. We were after cost effective, low maintenance sheep with higher returns compared to traditional wool producing Merinos. Early in 1998 Steve looked at the new South African breeds being imported into Australia and were instantly attracted to the White Dorper because of their outstanding advantages and attributes.

The stud was founded with the purchase of two recipient ewes from Genelink in South Australia, which lambed down a ram, and ewe. They were so impressed with these lambs they then introduced genetics over the next two years for the foundation of the stud. These genetics were imported from leading South African breeders. These included the bloodlines of Peet Cilliers, Kasteel, Floors Brand,T Jordaan, Hennie Jacobs and Compion studs.

We are expanding and developing our stud from the progeny of these elite bloodlines through natural joining as it is most cost effective, also use to use Embryo transfer and Artificial Insemination at the early stage of our stud in order to have the right genetics to produce the sheep of today. Additionally we are continuing to source elite genetics from around the world to complement our breeding program.

Annalara's mission is to produce the most cost effective meat sheep in the Australia. Efficient meat production combined with the breed's hardiness and shedding ability in our opinion make the White Dorpers the ULTIMATE SHEEP BREED TODAY.

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