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Stud Profile

Charnelle Charolais,

Upper Tenthill, QLD
Contact Details:
Graham Blanch
Charnelle Charolais
255 Ingoldsby Road
Upper Tenthill QLD 4343
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Stud Description

Charnelle Charolais is situated in the Lockyer Valley . This is about 30km east of Toowoomba and 100km west of Brisbane. Our property consists of 175 acres of scrub soil country as well as creek flats, and a lease block of another 85 acres nearby. Most of our country has been pasture improved.

Our herd consists of about 45 stud breeders and 20 recips. We have about 70% Poll Females and a small number of Full French. The Charolais stud began in 1992 with mainly Trevlac Bloodlines and in 1994-95 three heifers were purchased from Palgrove. Several females and a number of embryos have been purchased from Palgrove since then, and continue to have a major influence on our herd.

Graham is fully involved in the day to day running of the stud as well as operating a Hay Mowing and Baling Contract Business.

We aim to produce cattle that are quiet, and able to fit into any market. We believe cattle should not be eliminated from any market because of type. We have been recording Breedplan for about 16 years and have an emphasis on low birthweight, 400 day weight, milk, scrotal size and rib and rump fat.

We have been selling bulls at the Toowoomba Ag Show Sale for the past 18 years, and selling females every year in Toowoomba for the last 14 years. 2011 marked the beginning of the Charnelle Charolais Invitation Female Sale in Toowoomba in February. This is now going to be an annual event with our 6th annual sale set down for the 05/03/2016.

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