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Stud Profile

Alpine Angus,

Moorngag, VIC
Contact Details:
Jim and Suzy Martin
Alpine Angus
83 Martin Road
Moorngag VIC 3673
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Stud Description

Alpine Angus Breeding Philosophy
The objective of Alpine Angus is to produce consistently high-quality bulls and females from diverse genetic backgrounds. Using selected combinations from established reliable proven cow families combined with leading sires, Alpine Angus aims to produce structurally sound cattle of good temperament, high fertility, moderate birth weight and high 400 and 600 day growth.
The stud strives to produce bulls and females that will breed on for those who purchase them, females that will calve easily, will produce a calf year-in-year-out, are easy doing and will do a good job of rearing their calves irrespective of the seasonal conditions.
The Alpine Angus program is focused upon breeding bulls that are structurally sound and backed with breed leading EBVs, bulls that will lift the performance of the cow herds which they service, are moderate for birth but with good growth and carcass, producing calves that are strong for both EMA and marbling.
Alpine Angus Quality & Service
Reliability and consistency in the quality production of bulls and females is a hallmark of the commercial benefits offered by Alpine Angus. Alpine Angus offers personalised contact service, support and assistance to its clients.
Service is critical to our business
Quality control is the starting point. We have Johnes free MN3 status. All annual sales bulls are independently structurally assessed, semen and fertility tested, health checked, ear notch tested PI free, vaccinated for Pestivirus, Vibrosis and 7 in 1. All Alpine Angus bulls sold at auction are sold free from all known genetic defects, free either by test or pedigree from AM,AH,CA and DD – no compromises.
We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our bulls and females. By placing significant emphasis on structure our bulls are well placed to work for longer and produce sound females who will breed on for our clients. Alpine Angus bulls have always come with our guarantee. With the merger of the Alpine Angus and Welcome Swallow programs, we have backed up our existing guarantee with the Welcome Swallow 3 year guarantee for all sale bulls.
From Spring 2015, we will be assisted in servicing our clients and Welcome Swallow clients with the experienced, energetic and enthusiastic involvement and support of Suzy and Jim Martin. We could not have contemplated the merger of the two programs without their continued active involvement and commitment to client service.
Alpine Angus/Welcome Swallow merger
Alpine Angus and Welcome Swallow concluded an agreement to merge their programs in October 2015. The merger has delivered added genetic power and diversity to the Alpine Angus program.  Over 50 of the Welcome Swallow 2014 yearling bulls purchased by Alpine Angus will form part of the offering at Alpine’s first annual Spring Bull Sale at Rosewhite in 2016. In addition Alpine Angus have purchased a selection of females at the Welcome Swallow Dispersal for use as donors in the Alpine ET program and all 54 Welcome Swallow 2015 drop embryo calves.
Accredited monitored herd
Alpine Angus is an accredited monitored MN3 herd under the national Johnes program. It is known for high quality low birth weight bulls with strong maternal and carcass traits. The cow herd is run tough, increasing selection pressure to promote fertility and durability. Bulls are selected with an emphasis on temperament and structural soundness, checked for fertility, vaccinated against vibrosis and pestivirus and are fully guaranteed. They are backed by Alpine Angus’ commitment to providing quality support and service.
Awareness of client requirements
Alpine Angus aims to have a clear understanding of the needs of each client, a strong awareness of client requirements and the genetic features and overall composition and characteristics of individual client herds. Such information enables Alpine Angus to provide assistance and back up services to clients regarding cattle types and bloodlines that might best suit and enhance commercial programs.
After-sales support
Clients need to be able to rely on quality after sales back up – that is what we aim to provide.  We stand behind our bulls 100%. All sale bulls are guaranteed for 3 years. Integrity in all our dealings and  clear and transparent communication are of the utmost importance. Our clients’ problem is our problem to solve and we work with them to do so. 
Alpine Angus looks to visit clients regularly, and to keep in touch with those who purchase bulls or females from the stud. We have a vital interest in seeing how the bulls and females that have been sold are producing and breeding on for our clients.
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