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Stud Profile

Terrick Merinos,

Blackall, QLD
Contact Details:
Rick & Jenny Keogh
Terrick Merinos
Blackall QLD 4472
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Stud Description

Terrick Merinos uses a common-sense balance between science, technology and practical sheep breeding to produce relevant genetics for Queensland sheep and wool producers. It prides itself on producing ‘whole of industry’ animals to maximise all areas of income.

The stud is committed to improvement and innovation using pure merino genetics and a rigorous selection system.

A force in the sheep and wool industry for over 100 years
In 2016 the Terrick Merinos Stud celebrated 120 years in business in the Blackall area of the Central West in Queensland. 
Terrick Merino Stud was founded in 1896. While not in its original location, the stud has stood the years and continues to improve and be a force in the contemporary and changing wool industry.
Over the past century, Terrick has trained and employed some of the most influential names in the merino industry including Ray Murdock, Howard Holmes, Ken Riley, Peter Harvey and Duncan McDonald. These people and others have helped develop Terrick sheep into versatile animals that are particularly well-suited to western Queensland conditions.
Today the stud is refining the base genetics developed over the years using the latest scientific tools available such as:

  • indexing
  • benchmarking
  • DNA fingerprinting

These tools enable stringent genetic scrutiny. By monitoring genetic gain and sourcing genetics that will enhance strengths and correct any weaknesses, the stud is able to continually improve.

Terrick Merinos stud principals, Rick and Jenny Keogh, are fully committed to the wool industry and to taking the stud into the future by evolving through innovation.

Breeding objective:   Over a ten year period Terrick Merinos will systematically continue to:

  • Maintain micron
  • increase fleece weight by 15%
  • increase body weight by 5%
  • maintain structure and conformation.

This will be achieved by using a unique and comprehensive selection system combining objective and subjective appraisal.

Stud principals, Rick and Jenny Keogh, have a significant history with the Terrick bloodline.

Rick's interset in sheep breeding stems from the influence of his grandfather who founded "Hagley", one of the first merino studs in WA.


After graduating from school, Rick worked on the family property, "Byro", near Meekatharra in WA and subsequently jackerooed for a year in NSW. In 1977 he started at Terrick Stud as a senior jackeroo, working up to the position of overseer in 1979.

Rick and Jenny moved back to Jenny's Queensland family property, "Amaroo", in 1982 and purchased it soon afterwards. Since then both Rick and Jenny have had a continuous association with stud and commercial sheep.

In September 2001, Rick and Jenny acquired the Terrick Merino Stud when they purchased 1550 stud ewes and the current drop of ram lambs.

Rick and Jenny remain committed to the merino industry and continue to work towards improving their business and the outcomes for the merino industry in their region.

"Amaroo" is situated 120 kilometres south of Blackall on the Adavale/Quilpie road. The 32,500 acre property is made up of shaded Gidyea, Boree and Myall country interspersed with channels and red gravel ridges running up to the foothills of the Grey Range. It carries a mixture of perennial and annual grasses with an abundance of herbage in season.

The annual rainfall is 18.5 inches—65% falls in summer and 35% in winter.

"Amaroo" is recognised to be geographically situated in some of the best sheep and wool growing country in Queensland.


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