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Ironbark Herefords,

Barraba, NSW
Contact Details:
Adrian Spencer
Ironbark Herefords
Barraba NSW 2347
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Stud Description

Ironbark has a program where every calf is reared on his own mother in a commercial situation. Criteria are set in the Ironbark breeding program and kept to, enabling milking ability, fertility and doing ability to come to the forefront within the herd.
Our aim is to select a sire that will genetically enhance the ability of each cow to produce superior offspring to the seed stock and commercial industries. Genetic progress is a very important factor in breeding superior cattle. BreedPlan is a major help for us to be able to advance genetically.   The information provided by BreedPlan is a real indication of how sire lines perform.
We are continuing to advance genetically - keeping pace with industry requirements.
Ironbark has the numbers to cull any cattle that don't have genetic strength to let the best and most productive cattle come through.
Industry recognition of Ironbark genetics in the breeding, growing, feed lotting, grass fattening and processing sectors is widely trusted and clearly recognised right down the production line.   It is our belief that whatever breed you are in, cattle must be selectively bred - hype and colour won't get you over specification hurdles - productivity and yield will.

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Hereford Paddock BullsHereford Paddock Bulls
We have a selection of 2 year old bulls for sale, ready to work.
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