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Stud Profile

Rowanlea Cattle Company,

Calliope, QLD
Contact Details:
Andrew & Kate Chapman
Rowanlea Cattle Company
342 Rowanlea Road
Calliope QLD 4680
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Stud Description

“Rowanlea” has been owned by the Chapman family since 1912 and is currently managed by Andrew & Kate Chapman in partnership with Andrew’s parents, Bruce & Helen.

Santa Gertrudis cattle have been used in the commercial herd since the late 1950’s with the stud being registered in 1969 as Stud No 485. The country comprises 17000 acres coastal forest country and creek flats timbered with Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Bloodwood, Moreton Bay Ash and Swamp Mahogany. A major pasture improvement program has been in place since the 1960’s and is ongoing utilising Callide Rhodes Grass, Creeping Blue Grass, various Panics, Stylos and legumes.

                Both the 200 stud Santa Gertrudis and 700 commercial Santa Gertrudis and Brahman cross breeders are expected to rear a sappy calf and return a positive pregnancy test annually or they are culled. This ensures that our breeder herd remains adaptable, functional and above all, profitable. Both the stud and commercial cattle are selected for adaptability, high early growth traits with moderate mature weights, early sexual maturity, docile temperament, structural soundness and carcase quality. An extensive education at weaning with both horses and quad bikes ensures ease of handling at any stage of their lives. Steers and cull heifers are targeted at the EU, MSA and Teys Grassland markets, weighing 250-400 HSCW, 12-15mm fat with 0-4 teeth.

                Bulls are run predominantly on improved pasture with access to dolichos lab-lab, forage sorghum and oats dependant on rainfall.  All bulls used in the stud and commercial herds plus sale bulls undergo a soundness evaluation with semen morphology annually.

                The Rowanlea stud herd is accurately and extensively recorded with Santa Gertudis Breedplan and heavily involved in research projects involving Genomics and Meat Science.

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