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Etiwanda White Dorpers,

Contact Details:
Andrew & Megan Mosely
Etiwanda White Dorpers
Kidman Highway
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Stud Description

ANNUAL ON PROPERTY SALE SEPTEMBER 29th at ETIWANDA - 140 Rangeland Ready White Dorper Rams.
The Mosely family manage over 26,000 hectares, located near Cobar, in the semi-arid Western Division of NSW. Our business is managed holistically as a family operation, working on balancing social, environmental and economic outcomes.

For nearly two decades, Etiwanda White Dorpers has been producing Rangeland Ready White Dorpers.  The Mosely's focus has always been to help farmers put profitability back into their business.  Agriculture that is not profitable will never be sustainable! While the status quo White Dorper seed stock producers have been focused on show rings, increasing weaning weights and other production traits, Etiwanda White Dorpers has remained focused on what is best for commercial clients. We were the first stud in Australia to create a Rangeland Ready approach in the White Dorper Industry and are proud of our determination to go against the grain. Other White Dorper studs may claim to be “grass-fed” or “paddock raised” – but do they have the thought process, environment, record keeping and Lambplan data to back up their claims?? We very much doubt it!

The Philosophies behind Etiwanda Rangeland Ready Animals,

1. We use Lambplan to provide practical information on the genetic potential of our animals & monitor our breeding program - objectively.

2. We will manage the natural resources placed under our control in a regenerative manner.

3. Sheep are run in a real-world environment, as tough as or tougher than the environment most commercial ewes are run in.

4. We let the environment sort out the profitable ones; we show no sympathy for empty or dry ewes.

5. A ewe must produce and wean at least one lamb every year to remain in the flock.

6. By running the animals extensively we apply sufficient pressure on the ewe flock to force out the unadapted and infertile animals.

7. In addition to growth and performance, we select for other vital economic traits like fertility, lambing ease, moderate ewe size, muscling ability, structural correctness, disposition and longevity.

8. Replacement ewes are developed on a low-cost, rangeland based diet with minimum supplements. We only want the most efficient and most adapted ewes to make it into the breeding flock.

9. A ram lamb must be born unassisted to make it into one of our ram sales.

10. Our honesty and integrity will not be compromised.

What can Etiwanda offer you?
  • Rangeland raised stock for hardiness and commercial profit.
  • LAMBPLAN  - Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV's).
  • Stud and commercial White Dorpers.
  • Semen and embryos from our elite breeders.
  • Annual On Property Sale - come and meet us and inspect our operation!
  • Commonsense and honest advice from farmers in the business of farming
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