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Greenup Eidsvold Station,

Contact Details:
Rick and Alice Greenup
Greenup Eidsvold Station
563 Ironpot Road
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Stud Description

Greenup Santa Gertrudis acquired the Eidsvold Station in 2006 to form Greenup Eidsvold Station Santas
Eidsvold Stations' breeding philosophy and breeder management  complemented that of Greenup Santa Gertrudis and it was a desirable merge, giving strength to the genetics and achieve a volume of production that provided continuity of supply of high grade bulls and cows to our customers.  
The Bulls: The bulls are bred under extensive forest rangeland conditions.  Rick Greenup expects their animals to achieve good muscling, extremely high weight gains with even fat cover at the commercial end, while demonstrating fertility and constitution under the tough, extreme, harsh conditions that Greenup-Eidsvold Santas thrive in.
The Cows: We focus on traits that are economically important, producing optimum amounts of red meat underpinned with fertility, structural soundness and doing ability.  Females must calve down unassisted, with ease, give their progeny adequate milk to grow while retaining sufficient energy to rebreed every year.
Eidsvold Station, Stud Number 2. is the oldest stud in the Santa Gertrudis (Australia) Association.
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Paddock Bulls for Sale
Greenup Eidsvold Station has paddock bulls available for sale year round.  Pasture prepared, performance recorded, semen tested (upon request) and a large number of polls - have passed Rick Greenup's strict criteria and are backed by the Greenup Eidsvold Station guarantee for...
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