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Skye Stud,

Alpha, QLD
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Libby Ingram
Skye Stud
Alpha QLD 4724
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Stud Description

Skye Droughtmasters had its origins as Avondale Droughtmasters and began with the purchase of mainly Redskin, Strathfield and Garthowen bloodlines.Throughout the last twenty years we have extended our genetics to include studs such as Wingfield, Minlocowie, Needmor, Oasis and Glenlands.Most years an AI program is used to strengthen and broaden the studs genetics.

Skye is located in the Alpha district and is a blend of country ranging from bladeploughed brigalow through to rough hills.We are predominately a commercial operation that breed and fatten, and the market that we target for both our cull heifers and bullocks are Jap ox with 4 teeth or less. The number one goal in both the commercial and stud herd is for the females to rear a good calf every year. The cows calve as two year olds and must do so unassisted. Most years we do not use any supplements. The balance we try to achieve are for the cows to remain tough enough throughout the dry seasons to not only survive and get back in calf quickly, but still maintain high growth rates and good fat cover. We are a family business with limited labour so it is important that our cattle are quiet and easy to handle with both horses and bikes.We think that structural soundness of the feet and legs are extremely important to allow cattle to walk and forage in both the good and bad seasons. We don't believe in foot trimming.

We sell bulls through the Rockhampton National Sale every year and consider it a good platform to see that our cattle are meeting the market criteria. It is very pleasing that we have a significant number of repeat buyers as happy clients are our goal. Visitors are always welcome and we also have bulls for sale in the paddock.

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Skye DroughtmastersSkye Droughtmasters
Bulls for sale aprox 18 months old. Majority polled.Quiet, worked with horses and bikes. Paddock condition. $2750/head or $2500 for more than 5.
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