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Strathfield Droughtmasters,

Clermont, QLD
Contact Details:
Shane and Wendy Perry
Strathfield Droughtmasters
Fletchers Awl
4324 Peak Downs Highway
Clermont QLD 4721
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Stud Description

Strathfield Droughtmasters is  based at "Fletcher's Awl" in Central Queensland. "Fletcher's Awl" is a 11,317 hectare property which consists of iron-bark and Bloodwood ranges running onto open black soil plains. It is in a low rainfall belt - one year there may be up to 25 inches of rain, but more commonly it runs in the 15-20 inch bracket.   Droughtmaster cattle excel in this type of country as they have the survivability and adaptability to withstand the good times as well as the bad.
Strathfield Droughtmasters is a moderate sized stud running between 150-200 registered females.  We endeavour to breed quality as opposed to quantity.  Our results are true testament to the quality of our cattle with Strathfield setting breed average records and topping vendor averages in the sale ring at multi-vendor sales on a regular basis.
We don't select for one particular trait - instead we select cattle with a broad range of desirable traits within the Droughtmaster breed.  Strathfield places particular emphasis on selecting cattle with a good temperament, confirmation, fertility, weight gain, mothering and survivability. These cattle are bred in mountainous country where watering points are sparse, therefore they must possess good walking and foraging abilities which gives rise to the stud motto of "survivors when the going gets tough".
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