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Stud Profile

Graneta Limousins,

Bell, QLD
Contact Details:
Jon Gaffney
Graneta Limousins
MS 1014
Bell QLD 4408
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Stud Description

The Gaffney Family has worked diligently to develop a program based around genetic performance and progress.  It has been Graneta’s goal to link all segments of the breed industry together to create a product with real industry value.Feed efficiency and its importance relative to profitability in both the cow-calf phase and feedlot industry are of high priority to most producers when evaluating breakdowns and net returns.

Graneta cattle have the ability to accomplish this at both levels of the production chain.  Our cattle are being used more frequently in commercial operations that require cattle to be easy keepers with lower feed intake requirements for the cow-calf level.  We are integrating the Limflex cattle into our program looking for higher average daily gains with lower dry matter conversions that result in lower cost of gains.

Our aim is to produce cattle which have good temperament and natural softness, are easy doing, have structural correctness, reproductive soundness, calving ease, good depth of body as well as the ability to retain yield and enhance eating quality.

Graneta genetics are standout performers in both Prime and Hoof & Hook competitions due to their exceptional carcase characteristics, large eye muscle, even fat cover, thickness, muscle definition and high yielding capabilities – highlights include winning Champion Led Steer Beef 2003, 2006 & 2009, Champion Prime Steer 1998, 2002 & 2010, Champion Led Steer 2005,  Champion Heavy Weight Steer 2006 & 2009, Woolworths Carcase Competitions and Best Meat Eating Quality 2008 & 2009 at RNA Brisbane.

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