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Stud Profile

Coolabah Brangus,

Capella, QLD
Contact Details:
Paul & Denise Studt
Coolabah Brangus
"Coolabah Park"
Capella QLD 4723
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Stud Description

Coolabah Stud is owned and operated by Paul & Denise Studt on their property "Coolabah Park" near Capella in Central Queensland.
The stud was established using foundation bloodlines from Couti-Outi, Greendale and Tarcoola, with additional boosts coming through the selective introduction of Angus and Brahman bloodlines.
Coolabah runs both a stud and a commercial brangus herd. The stud breeders are run under the same conditions as the commercial herd. An A.I program is conducted each year with select females, using both Australian and American genetics.
The herd is EU accredited, selling surplus heifers either privately in the paddock or into the EU market. Only a small percentage of the male calves are kept as bulls, with the rest sold as milk or two tooth steers direct to the meatworks.
We place great emphasis on fertility in our herd, expecting each female to calve out every 12 months or less and strive to produce cattle with good temperament, structural correctness and doing ability.
Our aim is to produce bulls that will sire animals for our clients that will be heavy, easy care and fit into any market.
Bulls are sold at the Central Brangus Classic at Rockhampton and females at the ABCA Brangus Sale or in the paddock.
Visitors are always welcome at "Coolabah"
Bull Sales
Selling Bulls at Central Brangus Classic, 6th September, 2017.
Selling stud & commercial Females at ABCA Brangus Sale, 10th October, 2017
Semen Sales.
                                Sire  - Chief of Indian Hills 23P68
Coolabah Apollo
          $50                Dam - Coolabah Winona 265
Junior & Grand Champion Brangus Bull - Brangus Feature Show Clermont 2013.
Junior Champion Interbreed Bull - Capella Show 2013
1st Interbreed Bull 15-18 months - Springsure Show 2013.
A Few of Coolabah Show Results for 2016.
Coolabah David - Supreme Champion Bull       - Capella Show
                           - Reserve Junior Champion Interbreed Bull - Rockhampton Show
Coolabah Diva   - Supreme Champion Female - Capella Show
                       - Junior & Grand Champion Interbreed Female - Rockhampton Show
Led Steer - Coolabah Dusty - 2nd in the Central Qld Carcase Classic.
Sale Reports
Coolabah Arthur tops Central Brangus Classic at $26,000 : 10-Sept-2014
Coolabah Sale Bulls average $8,800 in 2016.
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