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Marellan Shorthorns,

East End, QLD
Contact Details:
Lincoln & Lisa Job
Marellan Shorthorns
East End QLD 4695
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Stud Description

The Marellan herd is run under strict commercial conditions. We have a no excuses policy, we believe in forgiving people NOT cows. Cows that don’t calve unassisted or fail to go in calf are culled from the breeding programme. Bad udders and bad temperaments are not tolerated. We believe that genetic progress is achieved through both the utilisation of the most superior genetics available and a strict culling process.
We utilise a host of objective and subjective measurements to access our cattle including; BreedPlan, Udder Scoring, Coat Scoring, Birth Weight and Birth Weight Shape Scoring and structural and maturity pattern assessments. Our performance data is all submitted to BreedPlan and as well as converted to peer group ratios. We weigh virtually every calf born and believe that ACTUAL peer group birth weights are the cornerstone of performance recording.
Clients can be assured that when they purchase a bull from Marellan the hard decisions have already been made, so that long term commercial viability and profitability is ‘built in’.

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