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Valera Vale Droughtmasters,

Milbong, QLD
Contact Details:
Michael Flynn
Valera Vale Droughtmasters
Valera Vale Station
624 Roadvale Harrisville Road
Milbong QLD 4310
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Stud Description

We are breeders of commercial Droughtmaster cattle underpinned by the genetics of our bull breeding. As such we are well aware of the profit drivers in the beef industry. In addition the principals of the enterprise have wide industry experience. Grahame Flynn is well known as a former cattle buyer for Tancred Bros. for many years before becoming the inaugural livestock manager of AMH. He was also managing director of Australasian Grazing, at that time one of Australia’s five largest cattle companies with properties in the Gulf, central and south western Queensland. Michael Flynn is a veterinarian with thirty years experience as a specialist beef cattle consultant and vet. He is a member of the Technical committee of the Droughtmaster Breeders Soc., and a member of the recently formed committee to oversee management of the Vet School Stud.
Our aim is to breed functional environmentally adapted cattle that can not only grow fat in the good seasons but survive and reproduce in the all too frequent droughts. We work at breeding cattle that can not only develop into heavy bullocks and fatten at a young age on grass given the opportunity but are very acceptable to the mainstream feedlot industry despite demonstrating functional Bos indicus characteristics. To allow us to spread the breeders out during this long decade of drought, quite a proportion of our steers have been marketed via feedlots. We have done regular business supplying feeders to several feedlots including Bellevue and Teys Brothers and have had only favourable reports on their performance. Our commercial operation however focuses on grass fattening milk and two tooth bullocks.
Valera Vale genetics are performing for cattlemen in many challenging environments including the Mulga country around Charleville. In addition we regularly transfer stock between the very different environments of our coastal and western properties without any adverse consequences demonstrating the adaptability of the cattle.
We now market around two hundred bulls annually with almost all going to regular repeat buyers.
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