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Stud Profile

Dunlop Santas,

Proston, QLD
Contact Details:
Scott Dunlop
Dunlop Santas
Proston QLD 4613
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Stud Description

The Dunlop Stud is operated by Scott and Rebecca Dunlop on ‘Jingeri’, Proston about 170km from Dalby. The herd of 1400 purebred females comprises roughly 500 ‘S’ females. Santa Gertrudis and the Dunlop family have had an association of over 50 years in the Brisbane Valley and South Burnett regions.
“We’re firmly in touch with the commercial side of the beef industry as this is the bulk of our operation and the stud is a collection of elite animals derived from this commercially focused herd. Our entire breeder operation is run on ticky forest country. While we recognize our country has limitations and are somewhat envious of the people who can breed on what we would call “scrub” or “bullock country”, we also believe that it places extra pressures on our cattle which in the long run, benefits buyers of our stock”.
Hardiness is a feature of the Dunlop bulls. The bulls are all bred on the forest country, weaned and educated at’ Jingeri’ and handled with horses, dogs, bikes and boisterous young boys. After weaning the bulls are relocated to our small scrub block Kia-Ora, where season permitting, they are put on the remaining winter oats crop. The youngsters remain on Kia-Ora, being continually scrutinised and whittled down until a sale team is selected for preparation on a much anticipated oats crop. While our sale bulls may receive supplementation if the season dictates, they are never locked up and fed.
Vaccinated with 3-Day, 7in1, Vibrio and 3 germ blood the Dunlop Sale team are semen and morphology tested, have had their muscle and fat depth scanned, scrotal measurements done and are all pre-treated for ticks to assist with clearance to clean country.
The culmination of over 50 years of strong selection criteria of Santa Gertrudis sires will be on offer at the annual Dunlop Santa Sire Sale, at ‘Jingeri’, Proston. We look forward to seeing you.
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