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Oakmore Park Droughtmaster Stud,

Greenmount, QLD
Contact Details:
Sharon Harms
Oakmore Park Droughtmaster Stud
Greenmount QLD 4359
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Stud Description

Oakmore Droughtmaster Stud looks forward to the future of the Beef Cattle Industry both in the breeding, selecting, marketing, showing and selling of our Australian own Droughtmaster. Our vision in our breeding programme is to maintain the attributes that the Drougthmaster was originally developed for, the walking ability, the mothering ability, the fertility, the docility, the do-ability, 'the low maintenance cattle.'
About Oakmore Park & Our History
Oakmore Droughtmaster Stud was established in 2004 and is owned and operated by Greg and Sharon Harms together with our two sons Liam and Regan, who are Junior Members owning Oakmore Park Droughtmaster stud. Gregs background goes back to the Roma and Meandarra areas. He spent his early years on Ingleston near Meandarra before the family moved to The Range between Roma and Surat where the family ran commercial cattle and sheep. When Greg left school he worked in a variety of jobs ranging from Qld to the NT before starting in the Oil and Gas Industry around the Roma area. He then ventured interstate to Western Australia where he moved into the offshore Oil and Gas platforms. This work has taken Greg overseas to many different locations.
Oakmore park homestead
Sharon grew up in an area known as The Heart of the Wheatbelt, starting early life around Nungarin on a family wheat and sheep property. The family moved to share farm with the Williams family where Sharons father was also employed as Stud Master for their Angus Stud, White Lakes. The family moved to the outskirts of Merredin during the 1969 drought and the family started a Stock Transport business. This is where she finished her education, trained as an apprentice and then went on to own two business employing six full time staff. After selling the businesses she travelled and worked overseas for three years meeting Greg. Upon returning to Australia our yearning for the land drew us to purchase Oakmore Park. Our interest in the beef industry was highlighted with the research of the Droughtmaster which we found to be the breed that ticked all the boxes. Resistance to parasites, the do-ability, fertility, mothering ability, walking ability and the broad marketing appeal and the added bonus of being our own Australian breed.  
Oakmore Park is situated 25km south of Toowoomba and 45km north of Warwick just west of the New England Highway. Our country consists of rich fertile black soil running into creek flats of mostly improved pasture we also grow and make our own hay. We run our stud cows in two separate herds with their selected bulls, we wean at home and prepare all our sale bulls here. We also prepare our show team at home and run a small AI programme.
In 2007 we purchased a second property North East of Gympie in the North Deep Creek area consisting of hilly forest country. This property is home to our commercial steers that we turn off as 2 tooth steers ready for 100 days in a feed lot. We also have a stud bull with his selected females. The progeny are selected to either come back to the Downs into the Stud sale team, retained for our future breeding or are put into the commercial herd.
We are proud to be breeding cattle that have come so far in such a short time, when you consider most other breeds have been around for centuries.


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